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Not long after turning 18, Destiny left home in search of her dream job. After slogging away for peanuts in meaningless job after meaningless job, she began to lose hope that she would find employment as a professional sword swallower. It had been her dream to work in the circus since her father first took her to the big top when she was a kid. Sitting alone in an alley one rainy day, a kind-hearted man in a clown suit approached her to see what was wrong. When Destiny saw that big red nose and the wide smile of the funny man, she knew that fate was knocking on her door. She wiped her tears away, yanked down the clowns pants and blew him right there. There was no going back. She was given her own tent near the back of the show where for years she honed her craft as a sword swallower. Now, the task of taking on ten prongs at once almost seems to easy for a woman of Destiny's considerable skill set!

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