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Imagine for a moment that you were capable of doing something beautiful, something breathtaking, and you wanted more than anything else to share it with someone you loved. Now, imagine that when you finally showed yourself off you were met with looks of bewilderment, and, on occasion, looks of disappointment. That's where Nadia usually found herself when she had sexy time with her new boyfriends. Nadia, you see, is a squirter of the first order. When she gets off, she gets off for real. Her orgasms explode out with great force and furious intensity. If a lover isn't properly prepared, there's certainly room for some surprised reactions. All Nadia wants to do is find someone that's into being soaked by a wet pulsing pussy. You'd think that it wouldn't be difficult, but sometimes it's hard to find that lover that's just right. Luckily, Nadia's new boyfriend absolutely adores her spray-tastic orgasms. For him, taking a shower in Nadia's orgasmic emissions is just as incredible as it is for Nadia. Talk about your matches made in heaven!

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