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Alexis is fresh off the plane from Bulgaria and looking forward to learning all about her home. Growing up in the Eastern Bloc wasn't easy and there were certainly times that Alexis found herself needing to use her feminine charms to avoid a back-room session at the hands of the secret police. But all of that's over now seeing as she's in the land of the free. Alexis promptly buried herself in the nearby college library and dedicated herself to learning English. All semester long, though, she was haunted by the feeling that she was being watched, a feeling that she had been hoping had been left behind in Bulgaria. Just when Alexis was ready to break down under the unseen threat, she learned that the pair of eyes she had sensed only had her best intentions in mind. In fact, the frat boy that had been stalking her like a hunter only wanted to see her smile! Alexis felt so much relief that she pulled up her dress and welcomed her new American friend's cock into her life!

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