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Kaylynn wants to do the right thing: she wants to fuck this guy's brains out, but she also knows that she's not quite yet at a place in her life where she afford little Kaylynn's running around. It's quite a pickle! Perhaps she could just wait to see what happens, maybe roll the dice. Her friends told her that she can't get pregnant the first time she fucks a guy, but Kaylynn's not so sure she's ready to by that story. As she spreads her legs and feels herself fill up with dick, she starts to worry. Those baby-filled balls a re jut slapping up against her ass, harder and faster. That's when the idea comes to her! Why not try it from behind? She gently guides her lover's dick towards her waiting ass, spreading herself wide in anticipation of that throbbing cock. Now Kaylynn knows she's good to go; there's no way she can get pregnant from a good ass-pounding! As it turns out, she needn't have worried; her frisky new boyfriend had a different idea about preventing pregnancy: Kaylynn can't get pregnant if the sperm is blasted all over her glasses!

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