Babes With Glasses brings you Girls with Glasses

If you're anything like us, then you spent quite a bit of time browsing record shops looking for the latest vinyl-only releases by your favorite British artists back in 80s. You waited with bated breath for the next single or album and you spent your time loitering outside the shop waiting to get your courage together to talk to the hot girl with the glasses on. You know the one, all dressed in black, endlessly flipping through the Cure and Smiths albums looking for her next favorite song. Well, Lexi is that girl. Sure, she may not be dressed all in black like those girls of yore, but she's every bit as emo and horny as those girls were. In fact, Lexi may even be an improvement over those girls. Why is that? Well she's a modern girl and if there's something you'd like to try, ask her; she won't say no, how could she?

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