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Even at a young age, boys and girls are very different. Whereas boys have a compelling need to collect baseball cards and collect all the players in a set, Ariana Jollee, from the time she was sexually aware, began counting the number of holes in her body. An odd way to pass the time you might say. But even at a tender age, Ariana realized there was some game to be played here, some hobby to work at and occupy her time with. That's when Ariana drew up a personal mission statement that no hole in her anatomy would be left unfilled. Thus began Ariana's sexual quest that took her from playground to barroom. Soon Ariana realized that she could attract men quite easily with a come hither smile; even more so if she dropped her drawers and casually displayed her ass. Men, being as dumb as they are to the signals women send out, prefer the latter since there's rarely a chance of misinterpreting the gesture. May we suggest checking out the video so you can witness the fruits of Ariana's productive labor.

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