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Shrinks get paid obscene bucks to console clients with the lie that there's a special someone for everyone. Austin O'Riley, feeling the pangs of loneliness stemming from the love-excluding porn profession and other abominable life's choices, went on the couch, only to find her shrink on top of her. The fact that it was a woman pretending to be a man is entirely beside the point. Our point is that once Austin gave up on the antiquated notion of true romance and learned to fuck like the degenerate she is, she became a much happier woman and holes-wise, more fulfilled than any pap dispensed by a head doctor. The fact that Austin has to conduct such activity with cromagnons like Jay Ashley and Brandon Iron plus do it with a sunny disposition says something about having to pay the bills. But don't we all? We're sure your first impulse upon watching this video clip is to yell out, "Austin, don't do it!" The other part of you, though, wants to see Austin fulfilled, or filled in the sense of her asshole and other private body cavities. All of which proves that you're a pig and unworthy of the love Austin could have given you.

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