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This being June 6th, the anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy during World War II, you might wonder what this observance has to do with Brooke Balentyne. If you think about it in terms of Brooke dutifully filling every one of her holes and the Allies' Victory- in-Europe strategy being one of filling every trench, yeah, a lot. Just don't recite this thesis to your history teacher with about a week left of school, or you'll fuck up graduation. We're not sure whether Brooke has graduated anything, but this doesn't stop her from celebrating good times. How else do you think she maintains that perpetual smile? Toothpaste? In this video, it looks like Brooke's about to be inseminated by the Aryan brotherhood. Some people just can't forget the fact they were on the wrong side of the beach during D-Day, but we're sure that's furthest from Brooke's mind.

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