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Some people collect antiques. Some people collect books. Some people collect for bragging rights and the sheer volume of it all. Katrina Kraven? She collects sperm samples. However Katrina was soon to learn that going about it the old fashioned way with conventional one night stands was going to take her an awful long time to acquire the kind of parlor display she wanted to proudly show off. Then common sense hit Katrina like a baseball bat wielded by an abusive boyfriend. She was wasting her time with one guy. Especially when she could be entertaining a multitude of partners. Katrina certainly had the holes for it and so a great idea was born. Katrina began taking a load in every hole and soon the inventory of display vials at her local hobby shop dwindled to a precious few. The guys over there behind the counter never asked questions. They merely assumed it had something to do with bugs.

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