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Mandy Bright does a lot of reading along with some major coffee drinking. Which doesn't make her a bad person. Anyways, going online in the morning with her cup of Joe affords Mandy a lot of caffeine-fueled ideas. This week she saw some article about a crazy Polish sex game [this is for real, folks] where five naked girls group themselves into a star or lazy Susan and allow as many guys to have free access to their holes. The point of the game isn't quite clear save to say a lot of girls in Poland are getting pregnant this way, according to said article. Which gave Mandy the instant flash. Why allow five girls to do what she can accomplish with one sitting, sans pregnancy? [We hope.] So Mandy began adding up the number of holes on her body, give or take, and came up with a game entirely her own. Check out the video for the results.

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