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The English language has certain goofy expressions that are hard to figure out. Like stuffed to the gills - meaning you've eaten quite a lot and are very full. But gills are a respiratory organ found in fish. So how do fishes breathing have anything to do with humans eating? Don't look at us for asking, because this was all Vic Sinister's thinking as we explained to her how it would be very nice to tap out her body cavities with man paste and would she let us do that. Especially with a dick going up her ass is when Vic gets very chatty, and so she brings shit up like this about fish gills in conversation. So we got the idea of cramming a dick down Vic's mouth to keep the stupid utterances at bay. "Hmmp, urgggh, spllllattt," she muttered. Seeing as how it would be very difficult for her to yell for the cops at that particular moment is when we got the idea of sticking another dick in her ol' love box. And that's how this load in every hole genre got started. Believe it or don't.

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