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Truth be told, Allie just doesn't understand how men work. Like, at all. Her husband knew (he knew!!) about the big birthday dinner they were expected to make an appearance at that night. Her husband saw Allie spend hours in front of the mirror, getting her appearance in order and putting herself in the best possible light. Even Allie thought she looked smoking hot. But there was her old man, laying in bed, playing video games and generally not putting an ounce of effort into getting ready to go out. To make matters even worse, when Allie finally emerged from the bathroom her husband was immediately all over her begging for a little sex? Does this animalistic man realize how much effort went into her look? Allie likes getting fucked as much as the next girl, but sometimes there's a time and a place and this wasn't one of them. But, her husband's cock did look awfully inviting....Maybe she could throw him a bone an give that beautiful dick of his a little tug with her hands. After all, she hadn't done her nails yet...

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