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It was high time for Hydii to show off what she had learned while was on winter break from college. Hydii had showed up for her first class a complete innocent. Sure, she had kissed a few guys now and then, but she had always been a bit stingy when it came to doing much else! It's just that the thought of boy's penis put a little fear into her. What was she supposed to do with it once she was in a position to do anything with it? Well, over the Christmas break Hydii had all of her questions answered by her old high school crush. Sitting together comfortably in the back of his car, her old friend gently introduced her to eight inches of male pride, giving her a lesson in the basics of Handjobs 101. Hydii was so proud of herself when that once-scary dick started jumping in her hands and, when it finally sprayed its gift all over her fingers she licked them clean like a good girl! Now that Hydii's back on campus, she can't wait to show off her new skills to all the frat boys down on the Greek quad!

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