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At first glance, you could easily mistake Reena for some kind of old-school Greek goddess of sex. Lord knows, she's built for it! Beautiful in every sense of the word, from her dark skin to her killer curves, from her luscious ass to her bedroom eyes: Reena has it all. Well, except for one thing: she doesn't have any dick in her drawers! For realz! You see, Reena here is a good girl, a Catholic girl, and she's made promises that she has to keep. Like, say, waiting for an "I do!" before letting her fiance Jimmy squeeze his dick between her legs. And it's driving him crazy! Jimmy's been making a living of walking around with the bluest of balls and it's taking everything he has to wait for his walk down the aisle. But Reena isn't completely unreasonable, she understands the plight of her husband. That's why she's made her hands available to her squirmy beau! The relief that she's able to give the poor man with her slick hands is going to have to be enough until the wedding; only three more years until 2015, buddy!

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