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Sasha's been in the taking-off-your-clothes business for longer than she cares to think about. But when you have a rockin' petite body like Sasha's and absolutely no inclination for sitting at a desk and taking orders from some rich douche bag, there's really no choice involved. Sasha's learned to identify the tell-tale signs of a man that desperately wants to get jacked off by a stripper. It doesn't take an ability to read minds; all it takes is a shake of her beautiful ass and she can identify the customer by the way his drooling jaw hits the floor. Sasha's gotten so good at tugging wood, she doesn't even bother heading up to the high roller's room anymore. She can get the job done in no time, right at the table, and leave every customer grinning like an idiot by the time she's done taking their money and draining their cock!

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