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Carmen is getting close to the end of her rope! All of her AL friends have been taking off for places unknown (probably back east!) with the holiday approaching. She's been left to fend for herself and she's got an itch or three that only a good friend can scratch! Carmen went through her contact list twice before she realized the answer: all she needed to do was saunter on down to the pool in her new red bikini. Maybe throw on a pair of nice sandals, the kind that really show off her new pedicure. And just maybe pull her bottoms up nice and tight so that whoever may be looking can see her swollen horny pussy! Instead of falling back on old friends for a little hot foot action, why not use this opportunity to make some foot friends, right? Well, it didn't take long for Carmen to find exactly what she was looking for: an able body, a rock-hard cock and a love for cum-covered toes. Maybe having all of her friends take off for parts unknown was the best thing that could have happened to Carmen this year!

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