Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Besides the obvious, the surprise element is what makes these Barefoot Confidential clips so utterly fascinating to watch. Not to say that some chick with congenital stumps will be slipped into the mix to freak you out. Kick Ass certainly wouldn't do such a thing, but it's the manner and clever mode of presentation that always captures the imagination. Like how do you feature countless women in barefeet and still make your material fresh and exciting? That question's answered in this little presentation featuring Faith. And if your fetish happens to be combat boots, as well, you'll be doubly rewarded in this little scenario with Faith playing a G.I. who's got throbbin' tootsies after a long march. What does she do about it? Hint: have some lotion and a towel at the ready. You're gonna need it.

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