Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Like a veteran cop in a TV show, a seasoned foot man has instincts guided by his many years on the street. He can look at a woman's face and know instantly if it's worth the effort to coax her out of her shoes. That's the way it is with British chick Goldie whose Farrah Fawcett-type looks and sweet voice tell you immediately that her toenails are clean, her ankles are free of unseemly scabs and her foot bottoms probably unblemished by ugly callouses. Plus the fact that she's a foot fetish model might be a dead giveaway as well. Of course Goldie's prominent tits are only meant as a diversion to keep you from the issue at hand- deciding whether you want to jack off to her feet or not. As far as we're concerned, that issue was long decided. While Goldie's video clip rates repeated viewings, we regret, like a masturbating Nathan Hale, that we have but only one load to give to each.

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