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Isis Love is a hot Mexican babe in search of a little foot love! Her size 7s have been aching for a little attention and Isis is on a mission to get them licked from heel to toe. Being a modern kind of woman, Isis isn't super concerned about who does the licking; you see, she's an equal opportunity gal. Are you a fiscal conservative? Isis would be more than happy to let you go a little cheap on dinner if it means you'll be rubbing her soles all over your face. Bleeding-heart liberal? Isis loves the wild abandon that these new deal types bring to the bedroom. One notch Isis would love more than anything is to find a real, actual Libertarian. She's heard crazy stories on the internet about these wild motherfuckers, but she hasn't been able to track one down to save her soles. If you'd like to give Isis a peek at your voter registration card and prove to her that you're a third-party kind of guy, then she might have more than just her feet open and available for your dick!

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