Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

Lee's relatively new to these pages and that means only one thing- fresh meat. Which also means, as far as we're concerned, Lee could be standing on her head, reciting the pledge of allegiance and blowing smoke rings out of her ass, whatever. We'd be soiling the palms of our hands in appreciation of her consummate physical skills. 'Cause it's amazing what a new chick and a new body can do for one's crappy, jaded psyche. Happy to say, though, 18-year-old Lee brings much more to the table besides being just another pretty face we could skull fuck and forget. In this clip, Lee teases us with her feet. Sure, we've seen a lot of smelly, corroded cornhole in our lifetime but remain captivated when it comes to a naked arch and a pretty smile. We think we'll jack off to Lee. We owe her that much.

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