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It looks like Presley learned a little something from her neighbor Cindy Snow. Sometimes the secret to man's heart (and a man's dick) is by knowing just how to rock a pleated skirt. Presley, though, prefers a much more overt approach to seduction. Where Cindy would tickle and tease, Presley prefers instead to club you over the head with her naughty nature and then drag you off to a handy bed in order to use you as she sees fit. Both are very valid approaches in our book! The one extra step that Presley is going to take is, quite literally, a step: Presley likes to get her pretty feet all over the cock of whichever man was lucky enough to be dragged into her bedroom. Those feet weren't just made for walking, they were made for tugging and jerking and squeezing. But don't let her do all the work! Feel free to take her by the ankles and treat her soles just like any other hole on her body. Just, you know, make sure you cover her toes when you're ready to blow!

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