Barefoot Confidential brings you Hardcore Foot Fetish

We would have guessed at least a 7.5,but Tawny Roberts, we're informed, is a solid 7 in the foot department. Here are some other Tawny fun foot facts you may not know: she saves her big toes for last when painting her nails and sometimes uses her clippings to clean between her teeth when toothpicks or floss aren't available. Of course we jest. We'll tell you one thing, though, for sure. When Tawny kicks her shoes off, you're gonna see a pair of feet that will have your brain doing multiplication tables in Chinese and your tongue speaking in word salad. Thusly, Tawny turns her men into gobbledygook and mush. Plus the fact is, this girl knows how to heighten the anxiety factor with the big tease. The bigger the wait, the bigger the load. So, sit back, relax, watch the show and see if you can hold it in. We seriously doubt it.

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