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In order to satisfy one's daily quotient of semen, some girls have to make allowances. Having exhausted the supply of virtually every military base in the free world, Ashley Long next set her sights on the porn world where spunk is in no short supply but brains sometimes are. However finding the Einstein in her life isn't Ashley's immediate goal for now. Sex is, and the fear of turning into a wizened MILF with hard eyes, crowsfeet and a fossilized vagina is something Ashley would rather not consider. Seeking thrills and adventure, she rarely turns down the offer to take a trip behind abandoned industrial buildings. One night Ashley came across five punks brandishing switchblades. Trembling for her life, she asked the guys what they intended to do to her. "Violate you!" they told her. "Thank God!" she cried. Since that strange incident, five has been her lucky number.

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