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Some women just look better on their knees. In that category we place nuns and the cigarette-puffing Juliana Kincaid. Of course Juliana looks like no nun that ever rapped our knuckles with a ruler and thus damaged our mental health for years to come. But that's another story. Speaking of mental well being, Juliana's about to absorb the seminal discharge of five guys who will take turns between her legs. They will not be using condoms which means any one of them can hit the father-lotto. But Juliana being the pro from Dover that she is, this will probably not happen since she knows how to flush out her snatch with boric acid or choose any of the other tricks porn girls deploy to prevent pregnancy. Even so, there's always the back alley abortionist with a coat hangar at last resort. We just thought we'd present some of the more glamorous aspects of the business so you can better enjoy these scenes.

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