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Either little is made, or little is known of the fact that Shayna Knight used to work carnivals back in Berlin, Germany to help pay for her schooling. Shayna would perch herself on a stool, and wham, some guy big enough to be the tuba player in an oompah band would try to hit her full on in the kisser with a custard pie for a kewpie doll. Don't laugh, it paid for web design class. While a few of you killjoys may be looking down your noses at such crass activity, the more enlightened have already seen the possibilities this presented Shayna as she assumed a career in the porn biz. True, she exchanged her face for her vagina, but the idea is still the same. Whether it's running out the corners of your semen-crusted mouth or the crack in your rank lady hole, cream pays the bills. So be it five guys or a 105 guys, the math is all the same to Shayna - because that was the one subject she didn't take up in school.

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