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Addison Cain's a woman who sparkles and glows like a tropical moonlight. While some women employ tanning salons or fake department store gels to achieve basically the same effect, Addison acquires hers from the natural element. But don't jump to the conclusion that this means sunbathing in the raw. Addison gets that look from her frequent and causal sex adventures. Why just the other day, Addison was enjoying a morning blend at her favorite coffee shop when she found a gent leering over her as though he were an art student and she were a classic example of chiaroscuro. Indeed, he had put on quite a show for Addison to get her attention, and, frankly, she hadn't seen anything so ridiculous since the Macarena. But he was persistent and Addison was in a benevolent mood. They left for her place whereupon she allowed him access to her naked charms. His balls moved like ducks in a shooting gallery while Addison's vagina was snug and suitable to the entertainment at hand. After which she kept!

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