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Like most women in the porn industry, Aidan Starr has her particulars. So just like the planet Earth, Aidan experiences a gravitational pull. Unlike an apple falling to the ground, hers leans in the direction of Basque-like men with handsome, manly mustaches and Motown men sporting gaily decorated Kung Fu headbands. While science continues to puzzle over the eccentricities of our planet (and someday those riddles will be solved), mankind will forever be stupefied by the sexual choices women make. Hey, not all women necessarily drool over Brad Pitt, one can rationalize to oneself. But when a sluttish tattooed damsel turns you down for a couple of thugs in a threeway, it's time to seriously consider a loaded revolver and a last will and testament. Hey, maybe someday Aidan will wake up and appreciate a Master's Degree in high finance over a 12-inch cock, but we sincerely doubt it.

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