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Alexis is ready for her week of tropical paradise. It's her first time outside the safe confines of West Texas and she's feeling a bit exposed. Jamaica is a little more terrifying in person than it is on those Bob Marley CDs she listens to back home. Once Alexis got over the culture shock of seeing so many dark-skinned people in one place, she began to loosen up. She even made friends with a few of the people living outside of her hotel. Alexis spent a few afternoons listening carefully as the dreadlocked men spoke to her in accents she couldn't understand. But the nice men had given her a funny-smelling cigar that made everything feel just fine, so she didn't mind not understanding what was going on. When she finally made her way back to her room, she wanted to enjoy the warm fuzzy feelng she still had flowing through her. Alexis stripped slowly out of her clothes and let her golden body soak up the sun's rays. When she saw some of her new friends looking up at her, she didn't feel any shame at all; she just smiled lazily and waved! Jamaica is so rad!

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