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Chelsea just loves loves loves living in LA! So many hot girls to ogle, even when she's not getting paid to do it. It's like a dream come true and Chelsea tries to take advantage of it every moment she can. When she's done with her afternoon, Chelsea slips into her favorite yoga pants (the ones that let everyone see the pattern on the thong she's flossing her ass with) and drives over Mulholland to her favorite hiking spot at the top of Hollywood. Once there, she pulls those yoga pants tight and hops off down the path, eye fucking every last hot girl she comes across. Chelsea's an old pro at this, of course, with her innocent looks and cherubic smile, none of the actress-wannabes see her coming. Chelsea slides right up, pets their puppies (so to speak) and starts up a conversation that can only lead one place: Chelsea's yoga pants in a ball at the foot of some anonymous pretty girl's bed!

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