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All right, we know someone, somewhere out there thought this precise thought during the Big Game: That referee needs to suck a dick! Well, we're in the same boat as you and while we couldn't locate the exact official in charge of blowing the call, Kim here has offered to let herself get face fucked in his place! Kim doesn't mind casting herself in the role of effigy this afternoon. She knows how much you fans at home would like to see a referee suck some dick in return for all the cock sucking he did out on the field. And since Kim loves the taste of dick she's certainly the right girl for the part! Feel free to yell at the screen while the ref gently cups the balls and takes every inch of that big dick into her mouth. Watch with satisfaction while she chokes down dick like it's her job! And finally, when she's done sucking, she's going to get what every referee deserves in the end: a mouthful of warm, wet spunk that's left to dribble all over the place. Your team may not have won, but watching Kim suck a dick seems like a nice reward for the runner-up!

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