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Like other attractive women of her disposition to leisure, Nicole Ray's attracted to strong, confident men - the kind with whom she can hitch a free ride. The latest guy she was sleeping with bragged to her that he had more connections than Wi-Fi, and so Nicole felt her excess of time would be well invested in the sack with him. Wrong. While this bozo continued to play the obvious game, Nicole sat on the sidelines like a hopeful cheerleader waiting for the big score. Which, of course, didn't come. Being a woman with places to go and people to see, Nicole decided that it was time to split but not before she got the last laugh. While some might call what she did as having a plastic dick up one's ass, Nicole saw it as a cathartic ritual of indignation and castigation. Of the opinion that a man in a Marilyn Monroe wig also looks rather ridiculous, we'd have to agree with Nicole.

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