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Rylie would be the first one to tell you that she didn't have a fairytale childhood. But she'd also be the first to tell you that while it may have been rough, she doesn't regret a single thing about it. Growing up in the South under the firm tutelage of a whole family full of colorful characters made her what she is today: a well-behaved young lady who comports herself nicely in public. Once she gets behind closed doors, of course, it's a completely different story! Once she's alone with a man she finds attractive (particularly older men) Rylie can't keep her hands to herself. She wants a fistful of dick, or a mouthful, or (if you're catching her on a frisky day) a pussy full of dick. Sometimes, the planets align in ways that make the earth move and the Southern girls horny. On those days, Rylie won't settle for just one of her three options; she's going to go for the ever-elusive triple play. And some lucky bastard out there is going to get his world rocked by this shy, gentle Southern belle!

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