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Once Anna realized that her small-town look could be easily mistaken for vintage hipster fashion, she had all the fan-boys in the neighborhood lined up at the local coffee shop she found herself working in. All of these men and Anna had no idea which one she wanted to take home. The decision was a little more difficult than you might think: hipster men are not known for their physical prowess, they're known for their skinny jeans. Anna took her time and let her coffer fill up with all of the generous tips. Then one day, it finally happened. She felt the rumbling motorcycle's engine before she saw it and when it parked in front of her coffee shop she found herself transfixed by the leather jacket-clad man that dismounted the cycle. Their eyes met when he walked in the door and Anna felt her panties go "sploosh!" This was the man she had been waiting for and Anna knew right away that she was going to be spending quite a bit of time with her legs in the air. Now all she had to do was the hard part: saying "Hello" to her future boy-toy!

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