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Life ain't easy for a pimp, and it's double uneasy for an everyday working guy like Jay. You see, Jay isn't really cut out for the life a worker bee. He spends nine hours a day memorizing the inside of his cubicle just waiting for the clock to send him on his way to endless Los Angeles traffic. To make his workday a little less hellish, Jay has recently taken to using objects around the office as stand-in vaginas. That is, jay has been jerking off all over the office to relieve his boredom. Unfortunately for jay, his scent-marking of the copy machine and the coffee maker hasn't gone unnoticed. The human resources chick, Avena, has a keen nose for the secretions of lonely men and has scheduled a late afternoon meeting for incurably horny Jay. Needless to say, Jay's shitting himself. Sure, he hates his job, but that doesn't mean he wants to collect unemployment checks. How's he gonna talk his way out of this one!?

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