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Ricky didn't know what to do with himself. He'd been chasing after Cameron for so long and for so hard, be barely knew what to do with himself when he finally caught her. His cheap lines and hard work had finally paid off; the chick from the gun was here, now, taking off her clothes and looking over glasses and down her nose, eager to see what kind of bait ol' Ricky had waiting in his trap. The pressure was almost more than he could bear. Christ, everyone knew he was all talk and no action. Now he had to produce. It was time for one of them there superhero moments folks alway talk about, like someone lifting a car off of a victim. Ricky needed to give Cameron the best goddamn fuck she ever had in her life. He took a deep breath, whipped down his pants to reveal his pride and joy, and told Cameron simply, "You can leave your glasses on, darling!"

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