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Having been trained in classical music, Cassie finds herself on the receiving end of plenty of compliments. While she doesn't think much of it, it seems that folks just can't get enough of Cassie's fingers dancing across the fretboard of beautifully aged violin. She doesn't let the kudos go to her head, of course; Cassie's well-ground and humble when it comes to sharing her love of music. As you might guess, all of the endless hours practicing have had quite an effect on Cassie's dexterity: her fingers and hands have a deft touch unequaled by many of the girls in Cassie's social circle. The lucky boys that Cassie brings home on the weekend are well-versed in the symphony she's capable of playing on their dicks. As they sit back in amazement and ponder about how they won the hookup lottery, Cassie's hands are busy dancing up and down the length of rock-hard cocks. When it's time for the salty fireworks to go off at the end of the performance, Cassie is more than happy to let the compliments as well as the spunk go straight to head! And to her face. And to her mouth...

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