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As kids, we grew up watching super-suave secret agents jet set around the world rescuing delicious damsels in distress. Not long after, these pretty ladies felt obligated to pay their hero back in pussy. The thing that stuck with us was the fact that these women were not inly burning hot but also super intelligent. Sure, they had gotten themselves into a hairy situation and needed a good rescue, but they were strong-willed and dead-sexy. Especially when the girl was, say, a glasses-wearing nuclear physicist. That look of intelligence was the just the thing to put us over the top send us scampering to the bathroom for some quiet consideration, penis in hand. Cherry is woman cut from the very same cloth as these scandalously hot, supremely intelligent women. Christ, just take a look at that beautiful face as she gazes up at you over her glasses. Break out your top-secret spy gear and go get this darling, so she can show you just how thankful she's capable of being!

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