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For some men, it's all about the looks. They want curves, or maybe big tits, or perhaps a tiny ass or possibly they just want a pretty face. Your mileage may vary depending on what gets your rocks off. Other men, a select few, don't even take looks into consideration. These discerning gentlemen don't concern themselves with looks because they know that these physical features are as fleeting as the weather. What gets their motor running is the though of a woman that can verbally joust with nobel laureates, a woman that can play chess in circles around grand masters, a woman that can quote e.e. cumming. Yeah, especially the cumming part! In any case, for these gentlemen, the key to finding a woman capable of these feats lies simply in looking for a nice, classy pair of specs perched on perfect nose. Of course, it doesn't hurt if the glasses are also on a stone cold fox like Erika!

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