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Now that you find yourself in Mariah's swanky sex den, you'll find that you are also there at Mariah's whim. She's a very demanding task-master when it comes to her own pleasure, so you'd better be ready to play froggy when she whispers "Jump!" in your ear! But you know, now and then it's perfectly okay to give up the reins and let someone else steer for a while, right? You have so many decisions to make all day long, why not put pretty Mariah in charge for a little while? It's not like she's going to ask you to do anything you don't already want to do; it's that she's very particular about how everything's done. What she wants and when she wants it will be the only things you'll have to concern yourself with. And when it's finally time to drop that hot load, just make sure you aim for Mariah's glasses. Just our little bit of advice for you!

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