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To her dismay, Tawny Roberts learned that a woman can sometimes look too hot. Sound impossible? Yet for some reason it's a situation that works to the detriment of a dame conscious about her looks and who's trying to make a good impression. The normal, intelligent guy when confronted with this example of the female species will tend to overthink his strategy and approach. Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I? By the time he's ready to make his move, it's usually too late. Whereas a moron never thinks twice about repercussions and goes for it without hesitation. Hence, women are generally saddled with a less than stellar catch. But put specs on a dame and most men figure they can slide by on IQ and boring anecdotes about the accounting house where they're employed, and hence, aren't afraid to make the move. True a woman wearing glasses still runs the risk of meeting a dud, but now she meets more of them. Which, if you're a believer of the law of averages, works out just fine for getting laid.

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