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Plying one's legs reverse cowgirl and side saddle isn't behavior you generally expect from burly, husky guys with tattoos named Jake who do it, if, for nothing else, the experience. Being a 100% organic she-male [and probably a smooth talker], Taciele always manages to find such gents willing to ride the pink pony. Of course, Taciele expects quid pro quo by throwing her exotic ass up in the air for grabs as well. Taciele also sucks a mean cock but [and there's the catch] expects the favor returned. Which is the tricky part. Some guys will close their eyes and go for it, pretending they're in prison. Others might require some high potency mescal towards the same ends. But whatever means you're willing to employ, be confident in the fact that there are dozens of Tacieles out there willing to take you on the wild side. When things are slow, that's a good thing to know.

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