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The first thing dump truck operators learn on the job is that every landfill's got to be packed to the brim with ripe garbage. No excuses. No oversights. A similar tenet extends to the female porn performer and her occupation: that no hole goes unaccounted for. This is why some girls make it in the XXX business while others continue to hang out in coffee shops, picking up on older guys and selling them hard luck stories, hoping they'll get the hint. In that sense, Melanie's a pretty independent gal. She'd rather be fucked royally in every hole and make some pretty decent money before she'd let some old tennis pro named Roy sniff her ass for the price of a Café Latte. Yet some girls continue down that path to nowhere. You'd think they'd wise up and hold up gals like Melanie Jagger as the beacons of wisdom they are.

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