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Look at that smile. That's the smile of a woman who absolutely loves what she's doing with her life. There were long stretches of boredom in poor Alexis's life, periods of time where she didn't have access to the cocks she wanted. After seeing a particularly moving fortune teller during her last trip to the French Quarter, Alexis decided to make some changes in her life. No longer was she going to be hanging around with men that couldn't fill both of her fists with cock. That was going to be her new cutoff point: no one rides her ass unless they're big enough to fill both hands. Reasonable, right? Alexis thought so, too. So, she got busy gettin' busy, crawling from bar to bar in search of the man with the biggest bulge. She had some orgasms she felt life owed her and she was going to collect as soon as possible!

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