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One thing that you absolutely cannot underestimate is the importance of grip strength when it comes to the manual release of a man's testicular load. As you may well be aware of, men spend quite a bit of downtime getting themselves off. We men don't need a whole lot of stimulation in order to get an awkward erection that requires attention; the wind blows the right way and we're reaching down our pants to pull a rapidly expanding cock out of a twist in our boxers. These hard-ons are taken care of quite nicely by ourselves, sure, but what a lot of guys don't realize is that all of that wanking is setting the bar higher and higher for our female friends. That's why grip strength is key: a girl like Allie, who has impressive, almost Olympic grip strength, isn't going to have any problems squeezing all of your little spermy friends out of your nuts. You'll be glad to have her at your side!

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