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Hydii is on a mission: she's looking a for a guy that's willing to try a little something new with her. If we're bring honest, Hydii spends a considerable amount of time looking at porn. Her never-ending quest is to find new and exciting things to try at home or on set. She's made some wonderful discoveries (and even a few moves that sadly didn't pay off) but Hydii's always up for something new. Right now, her quest is find a man that's willing to give her the ever-elusive pirate eye! She had never heard of it until she met a girl on set who recommended it. While Hydii went down on her, her new friend told her all about the pirate eye: you jerk a guy off and when he's ready to cum, you aim his dick right at your eye. He blows his load and glues your eye shut. Now you look like a pirate! Hydii found the idea funny and hot and just the perfect way to spend an afternoon with some lucky cock!

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