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Thank goodness for selfless women like little Lizzy here. Lizzy knows that her roommate Eric's in a bit of a pickle and Lizzy's ready to throw herself on the grenade, so to speak, for her dear friend. What's the dire nature of this emergency? Well, to be honest, Eric has turned into a bit of a two-pump-chump because of his new girlfriend (who registers at an 11 on the hotness scale, with a vagina that's almost as tight as the day it was shipped). Eric just wants to be able to please his girl but finds himself dropping his load as quickly as he drops his trousers. So, enter Lizzy! Lizzy is going to be assuming the role of orgasm extender for her buddy. Before Eric leaves the house, Lizzy will give a nice little tug and rub to the desperate man. You know, get that pesky first orgasm out of the way! Now, Eric can show up at his girlfriend's house feeling every inch of he stud that he is and Lizzy can enjoy a little finger food while she lounges around the house!

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