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Holding off on planting herself atop a rigid prick is, for Reena, one of the most difficult things she's ever done. She's been out on a few dates with the new man in her life and for once she's been trying to play it a little slower than usual. In most cases, a first date for Reena consists of a light meal, then a blowjob in a dark corner of a bar, and finished with a long, lusty romp on an available stretch of dark beach. This new guy has Reena blue-tubed and raring to go, but she wants to wait this time because this one might actually be THE ONE. Reena doesn't want to scare him off with a night of sexual Olympics; she wants to romance him, make him fall in love; that sort of thing! So tonight when she finds herself walking on a dark section of the strand, she's going to do her level best to not tackle him into a dune and jump on him like some sort of super-sexual carnival ride. No, tonight it's strictly a handjob and a kiss on the cheek. Next weekend, though, will be a completely different story!

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