5-Guy Cream Pie brings you Pussies Ooze with 5 Loads of Cum

Polite goes a long way towards getting into a pretty girl's pants. And five horny sodomites exercising etiquette is music to Vanessa Michaels' ears. Wise in the ways of Emily Post, Vanessa practically drops her drawers at the word, "please." Granted, the idea of entertaining five gents simultaneously in a group 'bang might have its drawbacks measured against some folks' quaint ideas of respectability, but Vanessa has her bases equally covered. Because she greets social grace with equal amounts of personal consideration, after a sweaty romp of untrammeled bliss, her vagina exuding the distinct aroma of mackerel and bleach, Vanessa passes out blank prescriptions for penicillin. What a sport!

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