5-Guy Cream Pie brings you Pussies Ooze with 5 Loads of Cum

In the Seinfeld sitcom, Kramer had the Kavorka- the unerring ability to throw off a mysterious scent which lured women sexually. In similar fashion, Victoria Sweet attracts men to her like hordes of Mongols smelling a cured ham. As many as five jacked-up guys will show up at her door for no better reason than the fact that Victoria's aroma beats the garbage cans in the neighborhood. To describe Victoria as the juicy brisket in a delicious deli sandwich is not giving her enough credit, however. But when Victoria throws those legs open, men behave like a gang of vicious monkeys jacking off in a zoo cage. Her scent hits the nerves like a blast of summer lightning and pricks begin swelling up like a frog's throat. The resultant emissions of semen are random, uncontrollable and internal. The humid nightmare of booze, sweat and sexual tension can be really something.

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