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Annie fucking Cruz ain't fucking around over here: her mission, should you choose to accept it (and you know you're fucking going to so stop trying to play hard to get; it doesn't suit you) is do your best to induce a senses-shattering orgasm that's going to cause Annie to unleash her pussy tsunami. For your safety, please keep all limbs inside the bed and your cock in constant contact with Annie's super-wet pleasure palace. Annie will be a gentle guide if you treat her sugar walls with respect, but the moment you deviate from course expect a harsh tongue lashing. Orgasms are serious business and when those orgasms are accompanied by nut-soaking pussy blast after nut-soaking pussy blast you can't afford to take your eyes off the prize for a moment. Annie refuses to be held responsible for any accidents that might occur while she's squirting; if you're not paying attention and you take a squirt full in the face, expect to hear nothing but laughter from Annie, after she's done getting off of course!

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